Hello and welcome! My name is Przemek, I type code in Paris 🇫🇷. On this blog I write about things I like, from software engineering tools to meditation apps.


10 non-fiction books I'll remember from 2020
Making the monkey mind calm down for better focus and mood? There's an app for that.
Interactive, language-agnostic workflow for match-and-transform code refactoring
The cost of Cloud SQL seems to dominate the hosting bill for Django on App Engine. A look into how to correctly configure the DB instance.
Reading the Frederick Brooks's 1975 classic collection of essays on managing software engineering projects.
Notes on sending emails from a Django app deployed on App Engine Standard using Mailjet and django-anymail.
Notes on managing user-uploaded (media) files in a Django app deployed on App Engine Standard using the django-storages library.
Notes on making an existing Django Python 3.x app run on App Engine Standard. Covers user-uploaded files, mailing and migration of the existing state into GCP.
tmux setup with different status bars for each project automated using tmuxp.